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  • Please contact Xiangyu ( for inquiries

  • Before you reach out, please read this:

    - I often receive more generic inquiries for lab openings (i.e., a CV/resume, a brief statement of research interests, etc.) than I could properly address, which is particularly the case during grad school application seasons. I truly apologize if you never hear back from me. 

     Almost every recruit to my lab went through a mutual interview process with me, during which I would ask the potential recruit to try a simple coding task (really not that hard and time-consuming, even if you have 0 experience in Python). I find it an effective way to evaluate if a potential recruit and my lab are a good mutual fit. I know I ask for more than most PIs in my field. If you cannot commit to this task, my lab is probably not the best place for you to invest multiple years of your prime time.  

    - I pick some emails to start this process. I'm most impressed by emails that show some knowledge and understanding in what our lab does (we do things a little different around here) -- I made this website mostly for potential recruits to get such knowledge and understanding. I particularly encourage you to investigate career placements of my former students. 

    - Almost every single one of my students also applied to few other schools with higher ranking than UGA (we all know what they are). I'm confident that most of my students ended up feeling fortunate that those schools had turned them down. If you are interested in our lab, think about why us and make your case. 

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