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Xiangyu Deng

Associate Professor

profile photo.JPG

David Mann

Lab Manager

Shaoting Li
Adjunct member
Associate Professor, Guangdong University of Technology 
Former PhD student and Postdoctoral Associate 

BS, Jinan University

MS, Jinan University 

PhD, University of Georgia 

Tongzhou Xu
PhD Candidate

BS, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Zhihan Xian
PhD Candidate

BS, University of Maryland


Sicun Fan
Postdoctoral Associate

PhD, North Carolina State University

Mehmet Dogan
Visiting Scientist
National Food Reference Laboratory, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Turkey

PhD, University of Wisconsin Madison

Nithya Sree Kotha
MS student

BS, Osmania University

Lab site photo_edited.jpg

Mahsa Rahnama
MS student

DVM, Islamic Azad University,
Science and Research Branch

Shaokang Zhang
Adjunct Member
Research Scientist,

Former PhD student and Postdoctoral Associate

BS, Jilin University
MS, China Agricultural University
PhD, University of Georgia


Yingshu He
Postdoctoral Associate

Current: Bio-Rad Laboratories

Yingshu He's photo.jpg

Yan Qi
PhD Student

Current: Bright Dairy & Food CO., Ltd. (Shanghai)

Anna Townsend
MS Student
Current: Dole Food Company

Ji-Yeon Hyeon
Postdoctoral Associate

Current: Konkuk University

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